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From Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 2nd July 2006 in the Auvergne region

5th, 10th and 18th July: Already pictures and videos.....CLICK HERE, I did not had the time to translate yet, sorry...

16th June: All the details of the appointment are on this page. We have a very good surprise, to discover on the page Latest News......

MG Club of France and the MG Car Club are pleased to invite you to celebrate the MG Event of the Year 2006 in France. Models from each era of MG will be represented at this huge European meeting – pre-war, post war and modern.

You can take part in some or all of the activities as many are added options. The minimum cost will allow all lovers of MGs to meet on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July on the Charade circuit for numerous activities.

I hope this event will be a big success, as this is the first time we have organised an event of this type in France, and I'm sure you will enjoy your visit in our country.Cliquez ici pour rejoindre le site de la FFVE

So – apply NOW for your tickets for this great MG meeting!

MG 'cally

Philippe Aubry, President of the MG Club of France

 Where ? In the Auvergne at Royat and on the Charade circuit.
 When ? The weekend of the 1st and 2nd July 2006, with the option of taking part in touring rallies on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June.
 Who ? All owners of MGs from 1924 to 2005.

1. The price for the MG Event of the Year 2006 includes the following: :

The cost is 100€ (100 Euros) per person for members of the MG clubs of France and other countries and 130€ (130 Euros) for non MG Club members.

2. Options :
If you wish, you may arrive from Wednesday onwards in order to take part in the rallies on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th June.

There is a choice of four rallies on the Thursday and the Friday – the number of cars is limited to 100 MGs per rally and one rally each day is reserved for the pre-war and T series MGs.


Option 1 – Yellow rally : Livradois-Forez (round trip 240 km)

Using small winding roads, you will pass from the plain of the Limagne up to la Chaise Dieu which is 1082 metres high. You will go through great open spaces and magnificent forests before arriving at the Abbey of St. Robert, which you can visit. After lunch you will go to Ambert and visit the museum of Steam Machines. After that you will return to Royat, passing close to the mountain range of Monts Dores and Monts Dômes.
The cost of this rally is 35€ per person, including lunch.

Option 2 – Green rally : Tour of castles – (round trip 150 km) – reserved for pre-war and T series MGs on Thursday 29thJune.

The Castle of Busséol,
built in 1170 dominates the Limagne. The twelfth century fortress of Montmorin gives an exceptional view of the range of Puys. The imposing ruins of Mauzun, relic of the middle ages stands as a memory from the past.
In the valley of Dore, the Castle of Vollore, which you will visit has a remarkable view from it's vantage point. You will pass by the foot of Thiers, renowned for it attractive cutlery and have lunch in an auvergne style music hall! In the afternoon you will visit the Château of Ravel, which was built from the twelfth to the seventeenth century. It has a great view over the range of Dômes and the Monts Dores.
The cost of this rally is 40€ per person, including lunch.

Option 3 – Blue rally : Tour of les Combrailles (round trip 150 km) – reserved for pre-war and T series MGs on Friday 30th June.

This drive will take you into the heart of the Combrailles to St. Georges de Mons. You will go by the viaduct des Fades built at the beginning of the 20th century. Then there will a stop at St. Gervais for a welcoming feast for the hungry! After that you will leave for the Sioule valley, St. Rémy de Blot and then the Château Rocher, a military fortress from the twelfth century. Pretty winding roads will lead you to the Gour de Tazenat. This lake in a 32 hectare crater has a depth of 70 m. You will then visit Volvic – capital of water and stone, before returning to your base by Malauzat, Durtol and Royat.
The cost of this rally is 25€ per person, including lunch.

Option 4 – Orange rally : Tour of Lakes and Puys (round trip 160 km).

Leaving Royat you will immediately take the high ground, passing above the new Charade circuit, then you will find the little lakes of la Cassiere and Aydat at an altitude of 825 m. At St. Nectaire we will see the magnificent Romanesque church built in 1160 – you will visit a cheese maker and a place where honey is produced. You will go up the Rocher del'Aigle, a superb viewing point over the Chaudeffour valley and the Sancy range.
The climbing of the pass de la Croix St. Robert will enable you to discover the 40 bends in the road which make up the charm of the Mont Dore. Then you will go down towards Bourboule for lunch. After that you will leave for Mont Dore, the Guéry pass and its lake at 1244 m high and enjoy the view of the Roches Tuillères and Sanadoires. We will stop at Pontgibaud and visit the château Dauphin, built in the twelfth century. The final route is in the steps of the Gordon-Bennet Cup before returning to Royat.
The cost of this rally is 30€ per person, including lunch.

Option 5 – Gala evening at the Royat Casino on Friday 30th June.
A prestigious evening in the grand reception hall of the Casino at Royat. The MGs will be on show in Royat to allow the inhabitants to admire our cars.
The cost of this evening will be 35€ per person.

Option 6 – on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd July various practice sessions for those who want to drive on the track.
The cars will be split into grids of 25 according to category : pre-war, T series, MGs from before 1980 (MGA, MGB, MG 100, MG 1300, Magnette Z…), modern MGs (MGF, MG TF, MG ZS, ZT…).
Each participant will have two or three sessions of 30 minutes. It is not a race, but a regularity trial without the element of competition.
The cost is 100€ per vehicle.

Accommodation :
A list of suitable places which may be reserved by telephone or on the internet, will be made available to allow you to choose the accommodation you prefer, amongst a large range of hotels, B & B's, gîtes and camping – all close to the circuit at Charade. This information will be sent to you once your application has been received. Parking will be possible for trailer in Royat and Charade.

Reception for participants :
This will be at the Tourist Office in Royat, from Wednesday 28th June onwards.

Celebration :
At this event, we shall be celebrating 70 years of the T register and the history of the MG with as many models as possible on show and a parade on the circuit with an example of each model.

Miscellaneous :
Other places which may be visited in the area include the following : Vulcania, Clermont Ferrand, the thermal waters of Royat etc.

Payment :
Please send us a cheque as deposit of 50€ per person, made out to MGCF, or make an electronic transfert at the following address :


IBAN : FR76 30003 03845 00037271257 58

Send off the application form attached as soon as possible, in order to have your choice of rallies on the Thursday and Friday – also to reserve you place on the grid if you wish to take part in the driving sessions on the track.
If you require any further information, you can contact Philippe Aubry, 59 rue Violet 75015 Paris (Tél. 01 45 78 95 76) and or

NB : Some activities and options may be subject to alteration according to the number of people wishing to participate.

Your application :
How it works: Please fill the application form below, print it, and send it before 31st March 2006 to the address:

MG Event 2006
François Daric
98, rue Giraudeau
37 000 Tours

WITH a cheque as deposit of 50€ per person, made out to MGCF, or make an electronic transfert at the following address :

IBAN : FR76 30003 03845 00037271257 58

The balance will be due before the 31st May 2006.

For the application form, you have either:

A) If you have a PC and Word compatible software ? The file below is for you, 51 200 bytes, no known virus : B) or you have a Macintosh or any other system, here is a RTF file, 334 272 bytes, no virusses either:

Voilà ! See you soon !

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