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From Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 2nd July 2006 in the Auvergne region

APPOINTMENT at the MG Event 2006: all details below

Dear Octogonal Friends,

The MG Event of the year 2006 will start in a few days, and we are making everything we can to make it as perfectly organised as possible.

1) Welcoming of the participants at Royat :
The first appointment is at the Tourism Office of the city of Royat, a suburb of Clermond Ferrand. We will be waiting for you from Wednesday 28th June onwards (see below the hours). The exact address is :

Office de Tourisme de Royat-Chamalieres
1 place Allard 63130 ROYAT
Phone number  : 0 810 001 802 (from France, 00+33 from abroad)

We have an MG parking just in front of it, on the square Allard !
We are advising the participants who are participating to one rally to come to the Office de Tourisme the day before, so you take before at the Office de Tourisme all you need. The rally start time are between 8:30am and 9am sharp, the roadbooks will be given at the start of each rally on that day, but you need first to have all sorted at the Welcoming bureau at Office de Tourisme.

We will verify with you your records, and will give you the whole package then. You will get the official program of the event, with also Itinerary maps, time tables, schedules, the rallye plaque, road book, and some surprises…

For those who have not sent the photocopies we asked in the past of the car documents (or those who got recently a reminder from us), please come with photocopies of driving licence, insurance papers/policy number, and car ownership title, that we need for our insurance records (and you keep the originals). This is compulsory in France now for gatherings of 20 cars or more. Also, some people wrote to us they did not had an insurance number…Well, in France if you have an incident, you need to fill with your counterpart together a form where you have to put the company name, your policy contract number etc. So please bring it on, you need it in Europe anyway…

ATTENTION : Whether you'll come on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, it is COMPULSORY to go first through the Office du tourisme de Royat to get your pass(es), meal tickets etc. Going directly to the Charade race track on Saturday would not be a good idea, you won't even enter without proper pass !

The welcoming team will be at the Office de Tourisme at these hours :
Wednesday: 9am to 8pm
Thursday to Friday: from 8am to 12am, then 2pm to 6pm.
Saturday: from 8am to 12am.

Maps will be given at the Office de Tourisme to join the start of the Rallyes, Charade race track friday night & saturday etc.

2) How to get to Royat :
Click to enlargeClick to enlargeRoyat is just on the south-west of Clermont Ferrand, 2 miles from the center of Clermond Ferrand, taking the direction of Chamalières, 1mile more to the south-east. Here is link to the website that will allow you to do an itinerary from where you are to Royat, precise maps of Royat if you wish, it's very simple (and multilingual !).
Here are two images you can click on to have a better idea. At a large scale, and in Clermond Ferrand area.

3) Hôtels :
You have booked it directly before, as explained in the past. At the Office du tourisme, we will provide you with maps to help you get there (mappy can also help if you want).

4) Parking for the MG's and the trailers :
We will have city-owned parkings in the Centre of Royat secured & kept all night with booked space for our MG's. If you are hosted outside Royat, you will have to go there with your MG and park it close to your place of stay.
If you are coming with a trailer, you will be able to leave the modern non-participant cars and/or trailers from Wednesday afternoon onwards on the Charade Racetrack, in a specific area until Sunday afternoon.

5) Track Practice sessions :
Helmets and seat belts are compulsory. Please bring you own equipement/helmets, as the racetrack won't provide any. Prepare your brakes please also, a very good PDF overview of the track is available here

6) Friday Gala night / Dress code
No Dress code precisely ! In French, our president said he thought «chic décontracté» (smart casual) might be the direction/spirit (approximative translation= relaxed but elegant…), but in fact do as you want, you are there for your pleasure too (and beeing elegant is a pleasure for some) after all  !

7) In case of problems to join us :
In addition to the phone of the Office de Tourisme, we are giving here 2 personal mobile phones to contact us in case of a real issue before you arrive :
- for French speaking people  : (Philippe Aubry).
- for English, Portuguese, Italian (and French too) : +33-(0)683.999.638 (Jérôme Boëly).
NOTE : We will not be able to call you back from these numbers, so please retry if it is busy, or send a text message, and don't ask us to call you back, sorry…

We wish you all a very pleasant travel and nice roads until Royat and the MG Event 2006 !
It will be a pleasure to have you as a member and actor of the MG Event 2006 from Wednesday 28Th June onwards ! We have a very nice surprise also related to historic MGA's, that we let you discover on the latest news page of the MG Event web site….

MG'cally yours,

Philippe Aubry and all the organisation team of the MG Event 2006.
MG Club de France.

Any Comments ? English corrections ;-) ? Send them please to, to our webmaster thank you...
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